Terms and conditions

Agent Radius :

  • Guarantees: Agent Radius guarantees you leads within the area’s of agent all the leads will be sent out to agent as soon as it is verified and ready to buy or sell real estate.
  • Number of leads: All the leads Agent Radius will generate in an area will be sent out to agent but due to market we cannot guarantee any numbers as it always change according to market situation.
  • Quality: From Agent Radius’s end all the leads will be verified and contain useful information regarding the prospects. That can help real estate agent.
  • The sign-up fee will be a one-time fee that includes tax (HST) and this can be refunded on any closed deal done by agents.
  • Duplicate leads if a lead comes from our channel but is already a prospect of us he is obligated to pay us the fee as it comes from our sources.
  • The referral fee of 25% will be billed as soon as the agent gets paid.
  • The fee of 25% will always be from the gross commission on side.
  • If a lead is selling and buying on same time agent will pay commission on both sides.
  • Agents will be signing the referral agreement for all send leads.
  • Leads will be in agent’s area regardless of any price points as we have to send all the leads out as soon as we get them.


  • Agents will pay a one-time signup fee that will be invested in marketing to generate leads for them in the area of service.
  • Agents will have to work with all the leads that are sent to them.
  • Agents can always refer other agents to Agent Radius.
  • All agent information will be confidential and private.
  • Agents can leave Agent Radius anytime they wish but the need to serve the clients sent to them.
  • If an agent were to change their brokerage they need to notify Agent Radius 1 month prior.
This is a staging enviroment